About Marilyn

About Marilyn


Welcome to my studio.

Hi!  I was born and raised in Kansas, but I've made Michigan my home for nearly three decades.  I have been teaching music since 1997, and  I.  love.  it.  Teaching piano is rewarding; but in full disclosure, I refuse to become that old-lady piano teacher. I'm depending upon my students to keep me young in heart and soul.


About me.

I have taught well over 400 students since teaching my first lesson.  Beginners through advanced pianists,  ages 4 to 70 years-old have filled my studio.

As a young student I had alot of interests. Perhaps too many. Vocal music. Journalistic Writing. Drama. I finally settled on Journalism and earned a BS from the University of Kansas. My minor course of studies was in vocal music. I have taken graduate training in the "Education Through Music" program, and on-line music theory and history courses from Julliard School of Music. I continually study Studio Management and Marketing.

Lately, I've been pondering what will make your student continue playing after he/she has graduated from piano lessons.  I have come to the conclusion that I must strive to be creative, relevant and passionate in my teaching.  Let's face it.  Your children live in a very different world than you and I grew up in.  With many activities vying for their time, I must provide creative substance in my lessons that not only grabs their attention at the moment, but will create interest to not only carry them through a week of practice, but into a life-long love of music.  Isn't this what you dream for your child when you spend thousands of dollars on his/her music education?

While the forced Classical training of yesteryear still exists today, I strive to introduce relevant music and creative techniques that will leave your student inspired and excited.  Contact me today to get started.

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My Family.

My husband, Don, and I have 4 kids (my creative ones) who are nearly grown … that would mean that they are in the dreaded teenager and early 20’s years. I love, love, love to cook for them.  And, I take pride and joy in watching them create with their respective instruments.  Don can fix ANYTHING...he's  a creative genius with cars.  Jacob - his camera, Tyler - his guitar, Christian - his computer (a Computer Science student), Karina - anything with a ball.


Random Stuff About Me.

  • Favorite color: Red
  • Favorite dessert: Anything with chocolate. I'm not too picky about sweets.   I love them all!
  • Countries I’ve visited: Turkey, Italy, Greece, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and 40 states in the USA.
  • Favorite Animal:  Teddy Bear, my Shih Tzu dog.
  • Favorite Music: I'm a sucker for Broadway Show Tunes.
  • Favorite Furniture & Instrument:  My Kohler & Campbell Grand Piano
  • Favorite Kitchen Equipment: A toss up --either my KitchenAid Stand Mixer or my Viking stove.  Both should be buried with me!!


Music ... In Theory.

My students say that I am caring, creative, energetic, capable, and methodical, just to name a few.

I have depth of teaching experience, and my greatest desire is for you/your student to find your voice in music, for life.

Think about it...

Music is more than just notes strung together with Italian words encrypted on a staff.


Music is powerful.
Music has emotion.
Music transports us to another place and time.
Music has the power to heal and mend.
Music can encourage and inspire.


Maybe, just maybe, you'll join me in making your life a harmonic refrain.

Does your life have balance? Harmony?
Will you make your life a beautiful song that makes a difference?

So go ahead.  Dive right in.  I think you'll be glad you did!

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