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This music is traditionally played as guests are arriving. It can be any type and I usually choose a style appropriate to the audience.

This music is traditionally played as the bride's mother, the groom's mother, and the rest of  the bridal party processes. Since here's really no way to tell how long each couple will take to walk the aisle, a very flexible song is preferable.

A bride might choose to process to the more traditional pieces of "Bridal Chorus" or "Trumpet Voluntary", or choose a less traditional or more personal piece for her entrance. Here are only a few suggestions.

Usually, there are two readings, an Old Testament and a New Testament reading. Between those comes the responsorial psalm. This is usually sung, but can be read if another reader is necessary.

The music for Offertory and Communion can be almost anything religious that your heart desires. Here I have a few of the songs that are most popular. Offertory Hymn can be sung or instrumental.

Depending on the number of family, friends, and other invited guests, you may choose one or two songs for Communion. 

The following music is what is usually chosen for the end of your special service. Although you may pick a main song to process to, know that I will continue to play until the complete wedding party has exited.



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