Performance Butterflies

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TEN THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PERFORMANCE BUTTERFLIES Thank you Shelly Davis @pianoparentpodcast for this article on Recital Butterflies.  Listen to the podcast here: “Today I am aiming my comments toward the piano kids so I really encourage parents to listen to this one with them. If you are a teacher listening, consider […]

Teen Students: A Heart Wants What a Heart Wants

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I have people in my house that sleep in my beds, yet refuse to make them; eat my food at midnight, and leave dishes in the sink; and, have strong opinions about literally everything.  Yet, these people can be the most delightful individuals, except when they’re not!  TEENS! Teens. They are my favorite students. They’ve […]

So He’s in it Only for the drums

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About six years ago, a little boy entered my studio with this goal, and only this goal. Drums. He wanted to play drums.  Today he is one of my brightest and most promising young piano students. And yes, today he plays the drums in his school band. In my mind, it is perfectly acceptable for […]

Piano Lessons: Basic Training

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So your child comes to you and asks, NO BEGS, to take piano lessons. After you pick yourself up off of the floor, you gush, “Of course, honey, whatever you like.” Besides, you’ve heard so much about the benefits of playing the piano, and perhaps you’ve even had the joy of playing an instrument yourself. […]