Navigating Uncharted Pandemic Waters: Online Teaching

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Article first published Navigating Pandemic Waters: Online Teaching “I refuse to be THAT old lady piano teacher.” You know who I’m talking about. Maybe you were her student some decades ago. As for me, I have been teaching piano since my boys were in diapers; I have uttered this statement from the very beginning. […]

Music Speaks to Me

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Being a piano teacher, I think most people expect me love classical music. Generally, I do enjoy it, but it is not my “go-to” genre.  The California Conservatory of Music (, gives an excellent list of reasons why we study classical music: “1) Classical music is the basic building block for all other genres. Think […]

Performance Butterflies

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TEN THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PERFORMANCE BUTTERFLIES Thank you Shelly Davis @pianoparentpodcast for this article on Recital Butterflies.  Listen to the podcast here: “Today I am aiming my comments toward the piano kids so I really encourage parents to listen to this one with them. If you are a teacher listening, consider […]

Spring Piano Recital – WHY??

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Today, I want to repost (in large part) the text from a podcast that I frequent, the Piano Parent Podcast by Shelly Davis. I know that Spring is a busy time for all of us – sports, graduations, weddings, and end of school events abound – and yet a culminating Spring Piano is important. […]

The Summer I.S.P.

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Summer is coming…finally!  And, I know some of you are thinking, “YES!!! I get a break from taxi service to piano lessons.”  In fact, historically, I know that about 60-70% of you must be feeling that way! But, what a break from piano lessons became more of an exploration project for your student?  What if […]