Get Out of Your Own Way:Finding your Heart in Art



On Monday, I heard this: “Get out of your own way!”  My own way that’s what it is!  It is me that is stopping me.  It is me that speaks doubt into my own heart, even as I encourage others.   It is me that tells myself, “You aren’t good enough.  You know you will make a mistake.”

But, it is one thing to have doubts about pursuing our own heart’s desire, but it is quite another thing to get in another person’s way of pursuing their dreams… especially if it is your child’s.

The message today is: Be true to your own heart.

If your child’s heart tells them to pursue something, who are we to say that it is not their heart’s desire (as long as it’s not dangerous or damaging, mind you)?  I can honestly tell you that it would have been easier for me to somehow persuade my sons graduate from university, to do the internships, and to get a job where I don’t have to worry if their next meal is stale bread and peanut butter.  

But, my sons’ dreams are not my own.   I’ve heard it said that ‘It matters not who likes your art, but rather if you are true to your own heart in creating that art.”  My oldest son has told me this, in so many words, several times. My artist sons are being true to their own hearts.  

But let’s take it a step further.  What if we expand art to mean ‘the way one lives their life’?  Are we true to ourselves? Furthermore, do you allow your child to fall in love with his/her passions?

These are hard, ‘in your face’ questions anytime.

I love to help your child prepare to perform.  At Thursday’s recital, as you cheer these students on, watch for their strengths, possibly their passions.   Afterward, take time to encourage his/her on a specific strength that you see.

I think you will find that while some are exceptional at expressing themselves dynamically,  others can play extremely fast and with great accuracy. Some of my students are truly gifted in public speaking (the song announcement is really their thing).  

Have you noticed that some students seem to surround themselves with their peers?  Social circles and friendships are important to them. Likewise, I have some students that could have put my slide show together with their eyes closed.

God made us each of us different for a reason.  My student, Julianne, said so eloquently (as we were discussing perfection vs. doing your best),  “It’s okay that we’re not perfect.  We’re all perfect in God’s eyes.” 

“It’s okay that we’re not perfect.  We’re all perfect in God’s eyes.” Julianne


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