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Amazing Grace

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 Today I was reminded of the time when I sang Amazing Grace at the funeral for my friend’s mother.  It was no easy feat getting there, as a flying tire hit my SUV smack dab in the center of it's cab. Immediately, green fluid started spewing under the truck.

Cell phones did not exist in those days; so, in my high heels, I trekked I96 in order to find a pay phone.  A gas station was close, but those blasted calling cards!  It must have taken 15 minutes just to get my call through to get a ride.  

Fast forward one hour...

By some miracle, I arrived at the service just in time to take the stage.   I remember gazing into red-rimmed eyes; my music on that day was not for the purpose of entertainment, or to feed my ego. This memory serves as a reminder to me that the arts are not expendable.

The arts are an invaluable part of the human experience, necessary to reach the unseen corners of our spirits.  The arts have a way of reminding us of what is truly most important.

As we enter a season of performances and contests, it is easy to allow our performances to be about our egos.  Can this ever lead to a lot of emotional turbulence! This article, How to Stop Worrying so Much About What Other People Think , reminds us to focus on the bigger picture when performing.

“…what if cultivating a stronger sense of life purpose could help us become more resilient in the face of the ups and downs of a life in the arts? What if this might be a way to help us remain less affected by the external validation (or lack thereof) that we receive every day, keep our eyes on the big picture, and stay the path even when we have one of those days where it’s easier to be our worst critic than our strongest supporter?’” Noa Kageyama  

Will Smith gives us the humble reminder that art is not about us and our ego.  He tells us that art is a way to make a contribution to others. Watch his interview on The Tonight Show!  

2 thoughts on “Amazing Grace

  1. Marilyn your blogs are always amazing but this one came at a particularly valuable time for me. Yes, art is about giving. In all its imperfection. It’s about sharing and stretching and challenging yourself and your children and others. Art comes in many different forms and for me coming up art is physical, despite my age.Art is the only thing that makes me cry anymore, and that alone is beautiful. Thank you for dedicating yourself to art.

    1. Oh Wensdy, Thank you for those beautiful words. Yes, I speak to myself as much as anyone when I write. Art never asks for perfection, as in all of it’s imperfection it is beautiful because it is an expression of the human mind, body and soul. Keep showing up and giving. Your family are ALL wonderful, creative artists!

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