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Momentum. Keep moving forward.

You don’t have to understand it all to take the next step.  You don’t.  You really don’t.  In life.  In piano lessons.

Why do we think we have to have it all figured out before we move on?  I challenge you in this belief.  Take piano lessons, for instance.  Sometimes your student comes to lessons with a piece that she’s worked diligently on, but frankly, it’s just not there yet.  

Be it dynamics, articulations, wrong notes, or wonky rhythms…something’s askew.  She longs to move on, to leave the hard parts behind – but work begs to be done on ‘Part 1.’   

And so the conflict arises.  Do we keep beating a dead horse, or do we take the next step?  In my mind, I hear you screaming, “Keep working on it, Mrs. Floyd!”

Here’s the rub.  I believe, you don’t have to understand it all to take the next step.  So, we move on … in some way.  

I believe that we need to do this.  Even when we are working on the same ‘hard stuff,’ it doesn’t mean we can’t take the next step.  Maybe it’s just a measure, maybe it’s a line or two.   Maybe the next step is finding something new within the ‘hard stuff’ to work on (probably).

Momentum.  If you don’t take a next step, you lose momentum.  As a parent, please realize that there is always something good to praise your child in at every juncture (like diligence, thoroughness, etc.).  

Praise helps your student to keep moving on.  Each day provides a new opportunity to improve.

Allowing our children to take that next step, complete with all the mistakes that are guaranteed to happen, is extremely important in their future success in life.  

As adults, we have to help our young people take their next step, even when they don’t totally ‘get it’.

Getting stuck halts growth.

Keep moving on.  Let’s do this.  At the piano bench.  In life.  

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